Kazuo Tajima

Hellhound (ヘルハウンド Heruhaundo?) is a Phantom born from within TV Yūhi morning news announcer Kazuo Tajima (田島 一夫 Tajima Kazuo?) when he gave in to despair. Having power over flame and shadow, allowing him to control a person and shoot fire through the person, Hellhound is sent by Phoenix and Medusa to create a new Phantom using Shunpei Nara. Faking his death when Kamen Rider Wizard destroyed his motorcycle Black Dog (ブラックドッグ Burakku Doggu?), Hellhound uses his shadow ability to trick Shunpei into thinking he gained magic powers before humiliating him on national television and forcing him to destroy his childhood book to begin the creation of a new Phantom. However, after destroying Hellhound in Water Style, Kamen Rider Wizard enters Shunpei's Underworld to wipe out the inner Phantom Cyclops and turn Shunpei into a normal human.

Kazuo Tajima is portrayed by Takeshi Kongochi (金剛地 武志 Kongōchi Takeshi?).

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