The Plamonsters (プラモンスター Puramonsutā?) are familiars created from plastic models that are given tentative life through the use of the Wizard Rings. Once the magic wears off, a Plamonster fades into nothingness.

Red GarudaEdit

Red Garuda

Red Garuda (レッドガルーダ Reddo Garūda?): Capable of flight, Red Garuda is used to perform aerial reconnaissance.

Blue UnicornEdit

Blue Unicorn

Blue Unicorn (ブルーユニコーン Burū Yunikōn?): Blue Unicorn performs ground-based reconnaissance and can use its horn to dig into the ground to provide support by distracting the target. Haruto can also use the Small Ring to shrink himself down and ride Blue Unicorn as if it were a horse.

Yellow KrakenEdit

Yellow Kraken

Yellow Kraken (イエロークラーケン Ierō Kurāken?): Yellow Kraken performs underwater reconnaissance and exploration.

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